Do you want to collaborate with To be Beethoven?

If you are a curious person or you just want to be part of this great project, there are many ways you can collaborate: accompaniment of the artists, coordination of an event, economic donation.

If you have any ideas or any space to include To Be Beethoven, do not hesitate to contact us!


Sala Apolo is one of the most remarkable places in Barcelona, night and day.

Esmuc is a Barcelona Music University that will host us during the festival

Joventuts musicales de Catalunya is an association constantly looking for new incoming music talent.

Enclave creativa is a publishing house who is part of the competition’s organization

Instituto de Educación Musical is an association of music teachers who use improvisation as a main tool.

Auditori can Roig i Torres hosts To Be Beethoven. It is a splendid auditorium, located just minutes from the Santa Coloma metro station.

The Certamen Internacional de Guitarra de Barcelona «Miquel Llobet» is one of the most important worldwide guitar competitions.

Underpool is the music label offering a recording session

Fundació La Plana always will love to cooperate with people who work to help individuals become better people and thereby also help to build a better society.

Seed music is a music Label who is part of the competition’s organization.


Carles Marigó, pianist | |

Maria Camahort, guitarrist | |

Flavio Villani, pianist | |

Emilio Molina, pianist | |

Cesc Bayle, guitarrist | |

Nadia Med, photographer | |

Núria Andorrà, percussionist | |