To be Beethoven 2020 is festival and a meeting point for innovative proposals. Prizes will be offered to participants who will be awarded by representatives of each institution. Concerts offered will be paid, of course. It is the right of each institution to decide to which group or groups they will be offering the prize, as well as if the prize is not awarded; and it is the right of each group to accept or refuse these offer.

Concert in New Zealand Festival of extemporaneous composition with flights all costs paid to Auckland, New Zealand.

Prize Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya Folk (to be confirmed)
Concert tour to the contestant with a proposal linked to folk and traditional music

Prize Can Roig i Torres
concert in the Can Roig i Torres festival in Santa Coloma de Gramenet during the year 2021

Prize Morning glory
Concert in Morning Glory Festival 2021 Apolo Hall in Barcelona

Prize Llobet
A concert in the Art Llobet Festival – season 2021 – for the proposal led by a classical guitarist (solo or in group)

Prize Pujol
A concert in Les Garrigues Festival – season 2021 – for the proposal led by a classical guitarist (solo or in group)

Prize Underpool
Recording session in the Underpool studio in Barcelona

Prize Fundació La Plana
4-day artistic residence with all acomodations paid in La Plana

Prize Instituto de Educación Musical
Application fee to the improvisation course (in spanish) on July 2020 or 2021 (Improvisa 2020 / Improvisa 2021)

Price Enclave Creativa
Set of books to choose from the Enclave Creativa (in Spanish), on how to teach improvisation (up to 200€)

Special prize NadiaMed
professional photo session for each artist by Nadia Med

Special prize Emilio Molina
master class of classical music improvisation with Emilio Molina, professor of improvisation at the Escuela Reina Sofia in Madrid.