To be Beethoven, let’s improvise!

APPLICATIONS OPEN Until 29th February –

To be Beethoven is a meeting opportunity for musicians keen on improvisation, with no age limit or nationality. Open to any musical style and to performers of any acoustic or amplified instruments (you will need to consult the technical possibilities we have at You can participate alone or with your group/ensemble and each artist can use their own language as an improviser.

In homage to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, we enter the universe of the famous duels of pianists from a contemporary perspective – and an opportunity for non-pianists as well. The German composer, to gain and consolidate his fame, participated in musical duels with several famous pianists of the time such as Gelinek, Steibelt and Wölfli.

Those selected to participate in this first edition will present their own artistic proposal. The most valued artists will receive offers to participate in concerts in Spain and New Zealand, and they will be offered the possibility to have an artistic residence at La Plana Foundation as well as recording a session in the Underpool studio in Barcelona.